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Freaked out!

Time to sing Anthony Rapp's stalker song!...however it goes. I haven't listened to it more than a couple times and I'm too lazy to look up the lyrics. Huh, instead, to lighten the mood, I'm watching this:

As a new Twilight fan, I'm still totally into the romance and the other aspects of the books. But the criticism of my likes has gone up significantly. It's bad enough that I get made fun of for all the other stuff I like, but this is adding onto it and making it hurt even more. Seriously. I'm about to start Breaking Dawn as soon as it comes into the library. I'm fourth in line for the book but I doubt it'll come in anytime soon.

Spring break! I'm skipping the marching band Florida trip again. I hate Florida, I really do. The only reason I'd go would be to see a space shuttle blast off. Seriously, I can't wait to see that! Otherwise, I'm not interested in getting sunburns, being bored, and getting sick from the heat. I'm going to Michigan instead to learn my way around the city in which I'll be going to college. If I'm gonna live there for two years, I might as well know where the best restraunts, theatres, and grocery stores are.

I heard Anthony Rapp's audition song on the radio again!!! Awesome!!!!

I'm obesessed!

The way my personality goes is chlidlike. For instance: I watch movies over and over again and still love them. I didn't know this was uncommon until recently. What's the point of buying a DVD if you're not going to watch it until you're sick of it? Anywho, I also have a childlike excitement. And thirdly: I go through LOTS of phases where I am obessed with something. These phases can often last years. My obessions now are: RENT, Balto(not as much as before tho), puzzleshipping, and my new one *drumroll* Twilight!!!

Crap! My friends all think I'm nuts except for about...two. My mom is just weirded out by this new obession because she's never read it or watched it. My friend Grace and I had a Twilight and pizza party about a week ago right after I realized my obession. I started the first book back in December during the youth group trip in Niagara Falls. I had to stop for a few weeks due to my College English books. I finally finished it in early February and read the second book in less than a week when I got it a month later. I am now in the middle of the third book and realized I fell head over heals during the second book "New Moon." Seriously, I'm in deep! Now comes the criticism. The things I like are VERY unpopular and unknown and already I'm taking the heat from some people. I've been called names for liking it already and one of my (former?)friends called me ignorant for liking Twilight and RENT. It really hurt when he brought RENT into it. Why can't people understand it? Why can't people understand me? Why aren't I allowed to like different things? It really did hurt. I asked his girlfriend to talk to him. She's a really good friend in marching band and I'm sure she'll clear it up.

I am supposed to be finishing a scholarship essay for a local scholarship. I have been busy all day tho. I have done my laundry, vaccumed, cleaned the bathroom, drove down to the next town to apply for a job, and played a game of tetris on facebook. Now I'm stalling...again. I did this all day yesterday by learning how to play "Will I" on the piano with both hands. Success! I feel good now that I have something to look forward to again. 8 months minuus 8 days until New Moon!!!

I'm not going to see RENT in Pittsburgh, but I am going up to the city I'm attending college in to find out where the best stores, malls, and movie theatres are.

A Bad day Turned Good

This morning I woke up with a plugged up, ringing ear. This started last night while I was watching 'Hell's Kitchen' and moved my head to the side. It wasn't painful, but it is really annoying and kinda scary. It's constant and the ringing is really loud when I plug up my ear with a finger or a tissue. I cried and snapped at my mom. Ha, 'bout time someone did. I went to school (where I still am) and got an A+ on my astronomy test. It's the most amazing, fun class ever! I love learning about the stars and knowing where everything is in the night sky. I can't wait to move somewhere like Alaska where I can see more of them.

Tomorrow is Sorayai's birthday so we had a party in our journalism class. Multi-colored cake!!! Delicious! I think I have food coloring all over my teeth but I'm not sure. Now, I sit at my computer while finishing the movie we stared during the party in class today all alone in the classroom! The Bucket List. Good movie.

Tomorrow I'm going to a contest for a group I'm doing an extra credit story on for the paper. It's also the first day of the Iditarod!!!! I'm rooting for Lance Mackey again, as well as Martin Buser (SUPER nice guy) and Dee Dee Jonrowe. You won't find me rooting for Jeff King. He's not that nice of a guy and very egotistical. I can't wait to follow it over the internet. Then I have editing to do on my new essay for my college English class. Fun. It's about 60 degrees outside! So nice! I'm really really really excited to go to a Pittsburgh Pirates game next month. I truly can't wait for spring so that I can do that.

Last night I promised to bring tortilla chips for today's party but my brother apparently ate two bags in a day. He eats those up like a friggin...something. So I drove to Drug Mart and bought a bag that's they only packed halfway. Sheesh!

I'm sending out more scholarship apps tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers! I can't wait for college either. Oh, and I owe Nubis that blizzard at Dairy Queen yet. His fault he never called me back. Aw, sad part in the movie. Bye!

Home early!

We have a 2 hour early dismissal today! For what? I have no clue, but it's still awesome!

So as for my decision last week, I ended up going to my first period class, then leaving for the service and luncheon with my extended family. I'm finally putting the pieces together as to who is whose sister or sister-in-law and daughters and cousins and stuff like that. It feels good! Anywho, Saturday I went with my mom to lunch with the family again before babysitting two kids from church. It was a lot of fun! Sunday I typed my paper and went out to dinner one last time with my extended family before most of them left for the other side of the country.

I am WAY ahead on my paper for English and that makes me happy. I'm gonna go now because I'm using my two hours to catch up on some schoolwork and other household stuff. That made me sound really old...

I'm done with my morning work...now what?

I'm done with what I can do with my yearbook pages for the day... Now I have down time! So far today I have witnessed ultimate stupidity. Seriously, my astronomy sub can't work a friggin TV! We watched a video on asteroids to which many fell asleep. But I liked it a lot. They announced the sophomores who got into our TV class and one of my best friends got in. His class was right next door to mine on the other side of the science supply closet. I heard him screaming for joy through two walls! XD

I had a good evening. House was good. I got a C+ on my latest college English essay (same as the grade on my first one, but my mom is still being a total bitch about it!). And we got Wendy's.

I do have a difficult decision to make. My mom got a call Friday morning that her aunt in California died. She had alzheimer's and all that weird stuff. (One second....*talks/argues with the feature editor). She had a service in Califronia Monday and she'll be burried here in the township where she grew up with my grandma. My pastor is doing the cemetary service cuz my grandparents like him a lot. My mom's aunt's son will do the other services (how he'll be able to do that is beyond us). I hardly knew the woman. I haven't seen her since I was like eight and she's has alzheimer's so she wasn't all there. My mom's cried already so I might as well be there for her on Friday. I'm not sure of my schoolwork load as of now. Right now, I'm saying I'll go to the service. The catch is that our church's new ministry that takes the youth group to the children's hospital in Cleveland starts that day after school and I REALLY wanna go considering that I have been one of the children in the hospital three times. What to do...I'm starving but I'm out of lunch money...*sigh* Oh well. Bye for now! The bell rings in half an hour!

Ups and downs in this weekend

So my three day weekend wasn't so bad, but there moments where I felt it was. Friday started out really lazy and I figured I'd spend the whole day at home. Then NubisLight called telling me he got a new phone and number. He ended up taking me and a friend (who took her 6 year old sister along) to the mall. I brought $22 exactly to buy the RENT:Live on Broadway DVD. Idiotic me was hungry when we got there. So I spent $5 on lunch and two dollars in $1 callendars at Borders. I bought the DVD after begging Nubis for the extra money I spent. Duh me! I gave him three dollars when I got home and promised to buy him ice cream to pay him the rest back. He told me I owe him a medium blizzard at DQ. Deal!

Saturday I did my laundry and went out with my dad to buy a book for my English class. We got McDonalds and realized how much we hate it. Fun. I then went to HappyBunny's b-day party where I realized how much of a b***h her sister is! She shoved a cupcake in Cerevantas's face for no reason and got all pissy when he got mad at her! He and Kiua left after an hour of being there for that reason. And the birthday girl's sister is a preppy cheerleader who thinks being popular is the only important thing next to her being the center of the world and blah blah. Stereotypical cheerleaders exist! I left after being there for three hours. I should call Kiua to check up on Cerevantas. He seriously got pissed off!

Sunday was the bad day. I slipped on the ice at church and landed on my butt. It still hurts. I couldn't breathe and my mom came to help me but all my dad did was tell me how stupid I was for falling and other s**t about how "I told you to watch out for black ice." How about a little sympathy ahole! I thought I'd get that from mom tho. Impressive. Then I took my mom out to get gas for my car with me so she could pay for the pizza I chose for us to eat for lunch. I washed my car for the first time and all she could do was nag nag nag. This is why I'm so happy she's letting me drive alone. None of that crap. Let me try things on my own my way ok jerk? I drove myself to a bonfire later that evening. It was at a house in the middle of nowhere so I had to deal with no lights on the streets. Scary! I drove there in a white out snow. When I got there, it only took three minutes for my car to be covered in snow! Then the sun came out and it stopped! WTF? I had fun tho. It was with my church youth group so we played games around the fire and sang songs. I played with my youth pastor's kids and got to know his older kids. They're nice. Then I drove home in the next snow storm in the pitch black dark. I drove no faster than 30-35 mph even tho the limit was 55 at one point. I got home after half an hour of driving and my mom was so relieved. She was so worried but apparently my dad told her that I "had to learn how to drive in that weather sometime. Might as well be now." So I watched the Oscars with popcorn and warmed up before bed.

Today was uneventful. Yawn. I get the house to myself tonight. I'll watch my new RENT DVD and work on my notes of our new English book we're reading. Junk food!

Good day- fast too!

I shadowed the assotiate editor of one of our local papers today. It was fun. The yearbook editor surprised both of us by shadowing too. I didn't know that! We went with a reporter and watched some trials and had a tour of the newspaper building. It was fun, but I'm glad it went by fast. I drove myself there and I was scared driving at 50 mph in some really bad rain! (I know, rain! In the winter!). On the way home I stopped at Arby's and ate my sandwich while watching the RENT documentary. Now I'm on the computer looking at my grades which suck. I have a B in Astronomy! Crap! And makeup work isn't gonna be much fun either. That's the price I pay for skipping school to do my shadowing project instead. Oh well.

As for the rest of my day, I'm gonna organize my room, take notes on stuff I missed in astronomy today, and read from my college English book (and possibly brainstorm more for my next paper). Tomorrow I start work on my powerpoint about my experience today. I'm actually excited about that. More American Idol tonight! I'm not sure how I feel about the changes this year... And might I say that Hell's Kitchen is hilarious yet again this year! How is this one chick still there! Dumb producers...

I needed that!

I've been having lots of mood swings in how I feel about the show being over for me. Sometimes it's hard to watch videos on YouTube without crying that I'll never see it live again. I KNEW that I would feel something like this, but not this bad. Today is one of my good days. I have the CD of Jonathan singing in my CD player today. The BestBuy and Target in my town don't have the Live on Broadway DVD so I'm stuck until I get onto the Borders site to order it with my gift card.

As for what I needed, it was two things. One being the warmer weather. Thank goodness! It's in the 50's now and it keeps going up! No more sub-zero temps for us for a while! I even saw some robins in my yard! The second thing being today's topic for discussion in my college English class. We have been discussing different types of families, and today we talked about gay families and gay rights. I got so fired up and it felt great to get my opinions out, even if I couldn't word them in a way that totally made sense.

I just got back from the town south of us to pick up my car. The Service Engine Soon light kept coming on so I took it to our favorite mechanic to see what's wrong. Well, the oxygen detector thingy has defaulted and blah blah. I don't need to fix it immediately but they do recommend replacing this one thingy before I have to have the car inspected next year and blah blah. I don't understand cars well at all. I'll leave that to men and mechanics. Wow, that was sexist. ...Everyone's a little bit sexist sometimes. Hehe, I have been thinking that I wanna see Avenue Q again.

Tomorrow I'm not going to school. I'm shadowing the assisiate editor of the paper in a town just north of us instead for an assignment. It should be fun! She's nice and I'm not going to be there for more than 6 or 7 hours. I do have makeup work to do. Ugh. Well, my designs for my yearbook pages are coming along well. I'm happy with the work I have done so far! I got a B on my astronomy test so I really gotta step it up! My GPA was 3.415! I needed a 3.5 to get free housing. Gotta try again. Crap!

I'm gonna make tonight a good night. American Idol will be on and I'm gonna listen to Jonathan while I brainstorm for my next essay and read the RENT bible on Friday (the anniversary of the premere after Jonathan's death.) I need ice cream...

Working in the cold

So the second semester of school started after two days of no school due to the deep freeze. I got to watch the inauguration like I wanted to and thought it was hilarious that they flubbed the oath of office! People in polotics need to lighten up once in a while. I got 100% on my psychology final because of the many extra credit projects I did. I got 96% on my final project for my publications class. Only 107% overall? Come on, I could have done better than that. XD Ok, that sounded kinda egotistic. But it is SO easy to get a good grade in that class its' creepy. My new classes are astronomy and college English. Astronomy is great! I'm soaking up all the stuff we're learning. Probably because I wanted to take this class for years and I love the material! English isn't hard. All I have to do is read for homework, talk about it in class, then write a paper at the end of the unit. Easy. But I will say that the 30 pages I read last night could have been said in a sentence. Ugh, people need to stop writing research books about normal stuff like how people act in situations. Here, I'll say it in a nutshell: Rich people are snobs, middle class people are normal, and working class people know that work pays off. There, I summarized my reading assignment. Tada!

YouTube is ticking me off on this library computer now, it won't load any videos! Ugh, I'm supposed to be working on scholarship essays anyway. I've been out all day returning job applications and collecting a couple more to fill out.

I spent Jonathan's death day reading the RENT bible and listening to the CD I got with his singing. It was a good day overall. I learned a lot reading the bible. It makes the documentary on the DVD look like... I'm not gonna call it crap because it's still really good but you get what I'm saying... It was so worth $42 at the play!


I realized yesterday that it was the one year anniversary of me finding out that RENT was going to close on Broadway. Now, I am a new person who has seen the show twice (three times if you wanna count the thing at the movies in September). I saw the show for my second time last Saturday, this time with Kiua and the marching band family. It was awesome yet again. I can't find the words for it. Anthony did his four claps up to Jonathan this time and I joined him. Kiua did the sitting down in silence thing with me. We joined the standing ovation and sat down in total silence for a minute. Then I said "Thank You Jonathan Larson" and we moved. We followed the story of the NYTW performance on January 25. Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in a state smack dab in the middle of the big freeze here in the US. I'm ok with it. Negative 25 degrees with windchill doesn't stop me. It almost stopped my mom's car, but not me! I'm warm blooded compared to others around me. Because of the freeze, we had no school on Thursday and Friday. Those were exam days. I didn't have any exams on Thursday and those tests have been moved to Tuesday meaning I get to stay home meaning:I get to watch the inauguration!!!!!!!!!!! Friday's tests will be on Wednesday. I'm ok with that. No journalism class test. Just a few page designs, which I have finished already. Yay! I got my college English books at our local community college so I'm good.

I'm going through a little bit of a depression since RENT finished. I miss it a lot. I bought a lot at the plays tho: t-shirt, RENT bible, dogtag, and a notebook. I love them! But still...I miss it a lot.